Oct 6, 2020
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Truck Drivers: The Ultimate Remote Workforce 2021

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Ultimate Remote Workforce

The coronavirus officially hit the United States in March 2020. During this time, thousands of businesses requested that their employees complete their work from home remotely. Some people complained about the loneliness of working from home, but few people realize how truckers have done this as the ultimate remote workforce since its inception. Unless they work as a duo team, truckers spend hours per day alone on the road delivering essential goods and medications to stores and pharmacies.

More Tech-Savvy Than Office Workers

Don’t underestimate truckers. The public image of truckers draws lines around them as tough men without any understanding of technology. With the upcoming millennial generation taking over, the new trucker understands technology better than people in the office. They have to navigate the technology in a modern truck. Truckers often take advantage of apps that do automated load tracking and help drivers to conduct business better. In terms of features on the apps, truckers’ most popular tools included tracking loads, finding loads, and weighing scale information. Today’s truck drivers use technology to improve their lives on the road.

An Industry Changing with the Technology

Like every other industry, truck driving has evolved with technology to enrich our daily lives. Many of the trucking tools available get used to cut the excess. For example, truckers have a problem with things like following the many trucking laws, filling out the paperwork correctly, and dealing with the cost in useful ways. Technology bridges the gap of loneliness that truckers feel on the highway. For example, they can now contact their family members and friends throughout the day without disruption with cell phones.

Great Job for Those Who Like to Be Alone

When it comes to driver recruitment, one of the first things that recruiters look for in a CDL driver is one who can handle long hours alone on the road. Not everyone can handle this type of job, but some people revel in this type of work. You can also team up with someone as duo drivers to stave off the loneliness. Truck driving presents itself as packed tightly with opportunity. Throughout the years, trucking never demanded much interaction with people, making it the ultimate remote workforce. Anyone who wanted a job with less human interaction found kindred spirits in trucking.

How to Deal with the Isolation

Many truckers buy a dog for the truck. It serves as a companion on the road, and the dog can warn you if anyone messes with your truck. Chiefly, it ensures that you don’t feel lonely while on the road because that can negatively toll mental health. An estimated 13 percent of the trucker population suffers from depression, whereas only 1.5 percent suffers otherwise.

Adjusting to a New Lifestyle

Some misguided people call trucking a job or a career, but driver recruitment programs will often call it a lifestyle. When you spend days or even weeks or months on the road at a time, you live and breathe trucking. Everything revolves around the truck, which makes this career more of a lifestyle. Some people fall in love with it, but others don’t. Someone tired of jobs where they have to deal with people all day can find appreciation in a job like trucking. Trucking was the remote work before the pandemic.

The Forefront Defense of Society

When the semi-trucks stop loading freight, stores have nothing to stock their shelves, and pharmacies have no medicine to give patients. This leads to immediate panic. Society, as it exists today, couldn’t happen without the profession of trucking. These heroes drive American highways day in and day out, serving as the beating heart of modern society. Many times, truckers don’t receive the respect that they deserve for their work. We’re here to thank them and show you why trucking is a great profession.

Why You Should Become a Trucker

Why should you get your CDL? You have a few reasons that make sense to get into this profession. First, trucking has a driver shortage of 60,800 jobs in 2020, which means you can get started quickly. The problem is a widening chasm with each passing year. You help to fulfill a great need for the American economy as a trucker.

Second, people who like their alone time will love trucking. Introverts who don’t want to deal with people every day, like in a customer service job, will find a lot to love in trucking. Third, the average salary for truckers sits at $71,278 per year. You won’t hurt for money in trucking. Finally, anyone who wants to see the great North American continent will have an abundance of opportunities, as trucking involves a lot of travel. One week you might stop to rest at a truck stop in Maine, and the next week, find yourself in Los Angeles. This job takes you all over. You can even choose to go to Canada and Mexico.

To sum up, here are the reasons to do trucking:

  • Trucking shortage
  • Great job for introverts
  • Excellent salary
  • Suitable for lovers of travel

Before everyone did remote work because of the pandemic, truckers spearheaded this lifestyle. Life on the road can get lonely, but technology improves countless truckers’ lives by minimizing feelings of isolation and helping them perform with greater productivity and cutting waste. You don’t necessarily have to choose over-the-road trucking. You could pick a trucking job where you come home every night. hopes that this article addresses the Ultimate Remote Workforce in great detail. Feel free to add your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

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