Feb 18, 2019
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What a Truck Driver is Looking for in a Driving Job

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Being a truck driver can be a very rewarding career. One of the most well talked about perk is definitely the money. The benefits of a truck driver job surely don’t stop there either. Here are some other great benefits for choosing a career in truck driving.

A Truck Driver Job Can Mean Great Pay

Of course, this was mentioned above but here is a little more detail on the subject. shows that a truck driver makes about $42,616/yr and shows that a truck driver makes about $50,968/yr. That is pretty good pay and depending on the company this pay may be more.

Opportunity to Get Bonuses

Some companies offer bonuses depending on the weight of the load you are hauling and/or the distance you may need to travel. In some cases, you may get bonuses for your performance and the time you have dedicated to the company.

Health Benefits

At a lot of companies, you have to wait until you are eligible to sign up for benefits. They usually require a certain amount of working days which is called a probationary period. The good news about being a truck driver is that you will usually receive these benefits earlier. Sometimes you are eligible once you have accepted a truck driver job.

The Ability to Create a Schedule

This perk depends on which company you drive for. This would allow you to decide which runs you take. For example, you may be able to choose between local runs vs long distance runs. You would need to ask the potential employer whether or not they offer this type of schedule.

Job Security

The truck driving industry is similar to the medical industry in terms of available workers. There is also a need for a truck driver just like nurses so you can almost guarantee you will wake up with a job each morning.

Of course, there are more advantages to having a truck driver job but the above list contains many of the more popular reasons.

Now that you know some the perks, what are some of the things that you should consider when looking for a truck driving job? This decision is important because it will affect your life both personally and professionally.

Many of the same things that were mentioned above may also be included when deciding where you would like to work. It is still important to go over the different scenarios on a more realistic basis instead of just pointing out the great things.

Your Pay is Still Important

You should definitely take the time to research exactly how the company you are considering pay their drivers. Many companies pay you by the miles driven. This means that if the company only offers local runs or short routes you will more than likely make less money. Some companies do pay hourly but even in that case those jobs usually are held by veterans within the company.

You would also want to know how they conduct pay raises. Do they consider your safe driving? Do they consider how long you have been working for the company? Do they take both into consideration? You may also want to consider any bonuses that they may offer as well. Those could really affect your paychecks in a positive way.

The Reputation of The Company

Knowing how a company treats its employees is very important for your well being. No one wants to work a job that they dread to arrive to. You can love the work that you do but you may dislike the individuals that you work with which may affect your attitude. You can find out more about the company you are considering by talking to current and previous employees. How long some of the individuals have stayed with the company can play a major factor in your decision. People tend to stick around longer at a company they love genuinely instead of just showing up for the money. The longer they have dedicated the better.

The Company’s View on Safety

It is very important to know how serious the company you are considering is about safety as a driver. You will be driving in different conditions that involve rain, snow, ice, etc. Also, you may have a lot of highway driving to do so you are hauling tons of weight going at high speeds. Safety training and the functionality of the trucks that each driver uses can go a long way when avoiding serious injuries. This should never be taken lightly. This is probably one of the most important items on this list to consider when choosing a truck driver job.

The Amount of Time You Spend Away From Home

Driving a truck could really disrupt your life at home. This is less than a factor for someone who has not started a family yet, but for those of you that have a family at home, this is a crucial decision to make. You may find yourself being gone for days or even weeks depending on the loads and schedules. If this may be an issue for you, there are companies out there that may have you home at night each day. Again, this differs between each person’s circumstances and the company they work for.

The Option of Tuition Reimbursement

This factor would more than likely apply to new drivers. This depends on each company’s practices as no company is really the same in this regard. Some companies may pay you directly or pay directly to the institution that provided the loan. Some may equate the cost in mileage and some may not offer it at all. You should research this if paying for your schooling may have put you in a bad financial setting.

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