Apr 27, 2019
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Truck Drivers’ Perks

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Do you dream about driving trucks for a living? Would you like to know more about the benefits of being a professional truck driver? The good news is that men and women who have decided to enter the trucking industry are usually presented with many job options, which isn’t always the case with other professions. Often, these great job opportunities come with fantastic perks too. Here are the driver perks that many companies use to make truck drivers’ lives better on the road.

Monetary Incentives


According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the average salary of a truck driver in 2018 was $43,680 per year or $21 per hour. Given these statistics, it’s clear that a truck driver’s salary is one of the primary reasons why men and women want to pursue this career path. Right?

Depending on the particular company, truck drivers are compensated per a mileage rate for long distance driving, and the number of hours accumulated in a week can quickly add up, so of course, this means excellent pay.


Several trucking companies provide bonuses when you carry a particular load or travel a certain distance. Some companies even offer bonuses to truck drivers who work as a team to make faster deliveries. In many cases, bonuses are also given when you maintain great safety records or stay with a company for many years.

Excellent Work Conditions


After deciding to pursue a career as a truck driver, you’ll experience independence like you’ve never felt before. Contrary to other career options, there will be no boss hanging over your shoulder barking orders at you, which is a dream come true, right?

In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the open highway and the freedom that comes with it. Does this cowboys of the highway appeal sound useful to you?


Although driving on the road alone has its advantages, some truck drivers can occasionally get lonely. Fortunately, many trucking companies allow truck drivers to take their pet with them on the road. Not only can bringing a pet on the road prevent you from getting lonely, but it can also reduce pet care expenses and improve overall mental health and wellbeing. Plus, when you take your four-legged companion with you on long road trips, you are more likely to enjoy your job as a truck driver.


One word that is synonymous with truck driving is flexible. As a professional truck driver, you’ll probably be presented with the opportunity to create your schedule and make many of your own scheduling decisions. Although there are service hours rules that must be followed and orders that should be dispatched, a career as a truck driver is far more flexible than a job at a desk.

Comfortable Ride

Once you choose your customized schedule, buckle up because you’ll get to experience a comfortable ride in a new truck. Many of these modern trucks are equipped with comfortable, ergonomic seats that are designed to keep you alert and focus for long hauls.

Travel Opportunities

Trucking can be a great way to explore the country, and who wouldn’t want to visit interesting places? While you are on the road for a long time, you’ll eventually pass through beautiful destinations and sceneries. Such destinations might cost a lot of money if you were visiting the cities on a paid vacation.

Additional Driver Perks

Exceptional Benefits

Many companies strive to make sure that drivers know they are an important of the team by offering attractive benefits. As a conscientious and safe driver, you probably would like to know the most common trucker perks that companies offer.

Here are some of the benefits that a trucking company may provide.

Paid Vacation

  • Retirement Programs
  • Sick Days
  • Health Insurance

These exceptionally trucker perks help you take care of your family, even when you are thousands of miles away.

Job Security

The good thing about the trucking industry is that you’ll never be without a job. Because there is a shortage of truck drivers in this industry, most companies offer their employees job security. But if you ever decide to work for another company, there’s a good chance that you will easily find another job elsewhere, whether you live in a big city or small town. Just keep your commercial driver’s license up to date, and there will always be a position available to you at a trucking company.

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