Jan 6, 2020
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Long Haul Truckers Should Consider Pets

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Long Haul Drivers Find Help for Loneliness Truckers Should Consider Pets

Loneliness is a common challenge expressed by many over-the-road truck drivers truckers should consider pets. What helps some longtime professional drivers to overcome their loneliness? While there is no cure for loneliness when you are missing home and your family. Many longtime drivers have found solace in taking along a pet with them. A friend and co-pilot that is with you every mile can bring much needed emotional support. There are many pets you could choose for your traveling companion. Your co-pilot could be a cat, bird, ferret, sugar gliders, teacup pig, rabbit, hedgehog, gecko, or dog to mention a few choices of companions. There are so many choices for new traveling companions. 

Dog Companion Ideas

Before choosing a companion to dispel loneliness, let’s take a look at the most popular choice riding with American professional drivers today. Man’s best friend, the beloved dog. What are some breeds that are well suited for the long rides?

  1. BulldogsThe Pug is a good choice because it is small and does not require much exercise. Their fur is short, and they can handle a variety of temperatures. 
  2. BoxerThe ever-loyal boxer is a great friend to make you feel secure. Their coats are short, and they do not shed much. 
  3. ChihuahuasThese ferocious little friends are small with a mighty presence. They are easy to manage and groom. They do require a little warmer temperature because of their small size. 
  4. PomeraniansThis little lion looking dog is small enough to go anywhere. These little friends love to sit in the co-pilot seat trucking down the road.
  5. Bichon FriseThis hypoallergenic dog has the perfect fur for a trucking companion. They are known for being affectionate, sensitive, playful, and gentle.
  6. HavaneseThis pup is very intelligent, loving, playful, and tender.
  7. Lhasa ApsoA great dog for security. This dog came from Tibet and was used to alert monks at the Buddhist monasteries of intruders. Fearless, intelligent, devoted, obedient, and steady are a few of the ways this breed of dog can be described. 

These are just a few of the breeds that would make fantastic companions help combat loneliness are you are trucking down America’s highways. There are more “best friends” out there that would also make you a great companion. When considering a companion, what are some things to consider?

Pet Trucking Companions 101

There are many benefits and responsibilities to bring along your pet companion. Let’s talk about a few tips to help your days with your friend to roll along smoothly.

  • Stock up on food and water. Your pet needs to have a regular feeding and watering schedule. To prevent accidents and digestion problems feeding your companion, the same brand of food will be a compassionate choice. Choose a brand of food without a lot of fillers. Good organic quality food can help protect your pet from allergies and a sensitive stomach. It may be hard to find the same brand of food consistently, so it is a good idea to stock up. Giving your pet bottled water and having it always on hand is a great way to keep your companion healthy. 
  • Keep your pet safe and comfortable. Research the best option to restrain your pet in their seats. Some professional drivers choose a kennel, harness, and others want the best choice from their research. Make sure your pet has its bed that is soft and warm. A cozy little spot in the truck that they can call home. Another aspect of keeping your pet safe is the temperature of your truck. In the heat of the day or night, it is essential to make sure your pet does not overheat. Your furry friend is an addition to your family and your daily travel companion. Making sure your pet does not overheat or remain in cold conditions is so very important. 
  • Exercise your pet. Keeping your pet healthy requires exercise. Some pets need less exercise than others. This can be another area your pet can help your health. While you exercise your pet, you are relieving stress, improving cardio function, and taking in the fresh air of the great outdoors. Taking a little time out every day for rest and exercise will bring significant health benefits to your are your travel buddy. 

Emotional Support Pets and You

Health professionals report that having a pet can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. There are also many other benefits, such as better physical and mental health. These benefits can include feeling calm, less anxious, reducing depression, an increased feeling of pleasure and well-being. 

Professional truck drivers feeling lonely as you perform your essential job of transporting cargo over America’s highways should consider adopting a pet. Some reports indicated that 40% of professional truck drivers have a companion to help improve their overall mental and physical health. 

If you are considering adding a loyal companion to the cab of your big rig, please take some time to make the right choice for your situation. Consider the space you have available, the schedule, and the exercise program you will be able to provide for your co-pilot buddy. As you are hauling freight over American roadways, make sure your pet is riding safely with you. 

Many trucking companies understand and welcome a co-pilot furry friend. So conquer loneliness with a loyal companion. Keep trucking with a better mental outlook and a feeling of well being. We appreciate the job professional truck drivers perform to keep America moving. Professional drivers play an essential role in keeping America’s highways safe. A healthy outlook on life and the diminishing of loneliness is vital for our driving force. Over the years, many long haul drivers have found that an onboard pet can relieve the tight grip of isolation and offer less anxiety and peace of mind as you keep on trucking down American highways. Thank you for the job you do and keep trucking. hopes that this article addresses Truckers Should Consider Pets in great detail. Feel free to add your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

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