Apr 19, 2019
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Fuel Costs Affect Everyone, No Matter What Your Drive

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A recent study concluded that truck drivers are feeling the effects of increased fuel prices too. The truck driving industry is facing a time when they are working with less of everything, including workers, which, in turn, affects the fuel costs.

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Let’s take a look at how high fuel affects truck driving nationwide.

Low Fuel

  1. You are talking about laying off people who make their living on the open road.
  2. The lack of truck drivers impacts the speed of when the haul is delivered. The less freight you have to move, the more your bottom line is affected at the end of each month.
  3. Truckers may not be able to afford fuel. The fewer people there are to buy, the fewer sales you have at the end of the month. You also have to deal with fewer people to move the freight when that happens.

What about the people who are doing things on a surcharge basis?

Those people are going to be affected less by high fuel prices. There are also some people who do not cover the mileage they need to compare to their associates. They will not feel the effects as much either.

High Fuel

The surcharges go higher as fuel prices increase. Using the hotshot surcharge option would be considered a win-win situation by most people. The only difference is that there are some who do not work in oil. They work in other fields. The prices they have to pay for the commodity is going to go higher.

Everything changes because those people are making their materials and moving their haul. There are certain perks to working in the oil industry. Those who cannot take advantage of those perks have to make their way. Making your way gets expensive, especially when you consider the ebb and flow of the fuel.

How Can You Control the Costs?

  1. Start by adding up the cost of miles per gallon. That helps workers and companies see where they are wasting their money. You learn a lot when you add the miles together. It is similar to adding up your expenses for the week. You see very quickly where your money is going and what you have been wasting it on.
  2. You can keep better track by subtracting the time it takes to fill-up or stop for a break on the road. You should only be counting the time you are on the road when you are calculating miles per gallon.
  3. You should also add everything together to see where you are at for the week and month.

One additional note

No trip is going to be the same because you have to contend with different weather and road conditions every day. Total the rough days separately. That way you can see what it costs you during the rough patches.

Bad Driving

Everyone has something on the road they are doing wrong. No one is perfect, including truck drivers.

One main issue that truck drivers have that will impact their fuel is how fast they drive. Some people are speed demons on the road. Others like to stop and start every five seconds. You also should be aware of whether or not you are driving above your fuel efficiency guidelines. Those three combined or separate can have a significant impact on your fuel intake.

FYI: Stopping and starting are very bad for the truck and engine. Stop doing it.

  1. How much time do you idle the truck when driving? Did you know that idling your truck will run you close to $200 a week? It equals $4-5 for an 8-hour day.
  2. Did you buy the right fuel for the truck? Every truck has a detailed manual explaining what type of fuel it needs. Using any other fuel except for what the manual says is going to be a disaster.
  3. Some of our truckers have asked about biofuel. It is going to be expensive and produce low fuel mileage. It is better to stay away.

Other Things You Can Do To Help Reduce the Impact of Fuel Prices

  1. Regular maintenance? You take care of the truck, and it will take care of you.
  2. Change tires and filters as needed. A clogged filter and worn tire are going to produce problems for the vehicle.
  3. Slow down and observe caution at the right times. Slow down on hills. Hitting the gas peddle as you go down a mountain is not going to end well. You should also hit the brakes at a slow pace. Hard hits to the brake are going to results on excess wasted fuel energy. Try not to be a hero.
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