Nov 5, 2020
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The Trucking Industry Rolling in Prosperity: Why a Job Here Looks Promising 2021

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Trucking Industry Rolling in Prosperity

Ever wondered why you should consider the driver recruitment ads in trucking? Trucking industry rolling in prosperity and is promising because of fair pay, substantial benefits, and seeing the nation. Is is a couple of reasons to sign up. Let’s have a look at what might catch the attention of potential job seekers.

Job Security Like No Other

Like a healthcare career, the trucking profession will stand on its own for decades to come. Truckers serve as the beating heart of America’s economy. Have you ever looked at the items on a shelf? You have a trucker who delivered those goods. Without truckers, the nation’s economy couldn’t exist as it does today. Most grocery stores would have empty shelves in three days without truck drivers. 

Driver Deficit Continues to Swell

You have an unreal driver deficit in trucking. The American Trucking Associations estimated a 60,800 driver shortage in 2018. That number barely changed in 2019, with a remaining shortage of 59,500. You can trust in the security of trucking because of the shortage. Trucking companies can’t afford to pick and choose drivers, which means anyone who wants a job can get started. 

High Turnover Rate in Trucking

Large truck carriers have a turnover rate of 94 percent. Every trucking company competes with each other to hold onto the best drivers. They offer excellent pay and benefits because, otherwise, they will lose their drivers to competing companies. Getting involved in trucking will likely see increased income as companies continue to deal with the driver shortages. Even in 2020, many trucking companies have announced pay raises to attract more drivers. You have seen a dozen companies report pay raises. New drivers who sign up could receive a raise as high as an extra $0.02 per mile. Drivers with one year of experience or more could see as much as $0.04 or more. 

The Pandemic Worsening the Driver Shortage?

 Could the COVID-19 pandemic be worsening the truck driver shortage? During the height of the pandemic, truckers served at the front line, helping to keep our nation’s stores stocked with food and medicine. The problem comes from how they work all over the nation. They visit some of the worst hotspots for the coronavirus, which increases their likelihood of contracting the virus. The problem compounds itself when you have an average age of truckers at 49 years old. Because the coronavirus has an increased fatality rate for people in the older demographic, many truckers who contract the illness could die as a result. This fear of the virus leads to an ever-widening gap in the number of drivers needed to supply our nation with goods.

 It presents you with a marvelous opportunity because you can get a trucking job more quickly than in other industries. For example, if you wanted to start in the video game design profession, you’d have tens of thousands of other people who want the same job, and your likelihood of getting it drops drastically. Trucking has non-existent barriers because of the high turnover rate and driver shortage. You can trust that you will get a job soon after training.

The Reasons for Higher Pay in Trucking

 You have five key factors that have led to increased pay for drivers. First, many of the truckers are older. For every four drivers that retire, you have two drivers filling those positions. Over time, this leads to an ever-widening gap in the positions, and companies will have to raise their rates to attract the newer generations. Many of the older drivers sought retirement when COVID-19 struck rather than risk their lives. 

 The pay raises also happened because several drivers want to go home every night, and the higher income compensates for that. You can expect e-commerce to explode in popularity over the next couple of years, which is another factor behind the increased pay. By 2023, economists predict that e-commerce will have doubled in value to $6.5 billion. 

 Truckers have struggled with keeping up with demand because the pandemic has made getting your CDL more difficult with minimum staff at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The other problem comes from how the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse disqualifies up to 30,000 drivers. This leads to favorable winds for anyone wanting to get started in trucking because their pay will be off the charts. 

Companies Don’t Want to Displease Current Drivers.

 Because of the shortage of truckers, companies don’t want to risk losing their best drivers. They don’t have a bottomless pit of talent to pull from, so they offer reasonable pay rates and benefits because it ensures that they stick around. The workers at any business serve as an asset to the company. Companies that take care of drivers won’t suffer as high of a turnover rate. The other thing that should be mentioned is how a high turnover rate can cost a company thousands of dollars. Drivers that stick around longer will have a higher chance of giving companies a return on their investment. 

Fixing a Growing Driver Shortage

 If the trucking industry can ever have any hope of fixing the driver shortage, they will have to pay more and offer better benefits. Few millennials express an interest in trucking. This generation has different values and interests than previous generations because their experiences differ from those of the past. 

 Part of the reason for the lack of interest in the millennial generation could come from misconceptions. For example, some millennials think of trucking as hazardous, and while trucking does come with its dangers, it isn’t the most unsafe industry. Construction holds the title of being the most dangerous industry. 

 The other misconception is that automated driving will eventually chop these jobs from the market. Autonomous driving will indeed change the way trucking works, but we will most likely always need truckers behind the wheel because of the heavy machinery involved. Look at it like what happened with commercial jets. Sure, you might have a plane that can land itself, but you want someone in the aircraft’s cockpit as a safety measure. 

 For driver recruitment to reach the fullest potential, trucking will have to undergo a public image change that will attract more new drivers. While the shortage keeps the demand for truckers high, you can trust that a trucking career will be promising. hopes that this article addresses Trucking Industry Rolling in Prosperity in great detail. Feel free to add your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

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