Mar 9, 2020
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Popular and Exciting Hobbies For American Truckers

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Hobbies For American Truckers

Breaking the cycle of the mundane life of driving and meeting deadlines is possible. Many experienced and long-time professional drivers have taken up the fun and excitement of a hobby. Learn from their experience and enjoy life with a new hobby. Make your life interesting and give yourself something positive to look forward to each day with these fantastic hobby ideas.

Are you ready to embrace a new hobby? Sure, you are. First, think about what topics are interesting to you? Sports, current events, photography, music, gardening, fitness, real-life mysteries, or world travel? Here are some great ideas for the perfect truck driver’s hobby. 

1. Vlogging

Vlogging is a video blog that consists of short video excerpts. As you travel the country take short videos of crazy signs, people doing crazy things, beautiful scenery, or even hilarious situations. Over-the-road drivers see so many exciting and unusual things that it is time to start collecting them. 

Make sure you are stopped and not driving while you are collecting your exciting video clips. Either collect the video clips for yourself and your family to enjoy, or you can share your fascinating stories with the world on YouTube. 

Looking for video clips will keep your mind active and your job alive. Vlogging can be done while you are traveling the country or home with your family. It is a great way to let others see a small segment of your life and for you to stay connected to the world. In time, you may be able to make a little extra money as a bonus.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are digital audio files on just about any topic that you can imagine. Whatever your interest is, you can probably find a podcast out there to catch your attention. 

Are you interested in science? You may want to know what bird the helicopter was modeled after. How strong is the silk of a spider web, and what fabric is modeled after that?

Do you like exceptional food? There are restaurant reviews, new recipe ideas, cooking challenges available on digital audio files. Learn about barbeque techniques or worldwide cuisine. Find podcasts about restaurants in the areas in which you will have some downtime. Then enjoy a delicious meal instead of being bored during idle waiting time. 

Do you like Mythbusting? There are hundreds of podcasts that determine if the wise adages we have come to accept are fact or fiction. Sharpen your knowledge with the facts be listening to myth-busting podcasts.

3. Learn a new language.

There are so many benefits to being bilingual. There are new medical studies that are consistently reporting unique benefits to the brain and cognition for people who speak more than one language. Speaking more than one language improves your memory, critical thinking ability. Research shows it can aid in lowering the risks of Alzheimer’s or dementia. The University of Edinburg reported that mental alertness was increased in students that learned another language. A study in 2014 from Georgetown University Medical center found that bilingual speakers have more grey matter. Yes, their brain is bigger. So increase your IQ and mental alertness by learning another language as a hobby.

There are so many audio language learning programs to use to begin your new adventure. It is best to choose a plan that has short lessons that teach words to greet a person or make an introductory conversation. 

Many of the apps are free. So this hobby won’t cost you a dime to start and can enhance your work performance with greater alertness and critical thinking ability. So what will your new language be Spanish, French, Marshallese, or Portuguese? There are so many languages for you to learn. Start thinking now about your new hobby of learning a foreign language. 

4. Stay physically fit.

Keeping in tune with your body can be a great hobby. Learn about nutrition and how to eat right while driving over-the-road by listening to audiobooks or podcasts. Start a daily exercise program to do during your stops along the route. Find an app to help you get into a routine to build lean muscle and clear those nasty toxins out of your system. 

Turn off the television and video games and pump up some iron, for your health. This hobby can help with your job performance. It can also create so many more opportunities for you. Think about when you spend time with your friends and family. You go bike riding, kayaking, play football or basketball with your kids, and enjoy the time with your family in fun activities. This hobby is a win-win for you and your family. 

It can also bring you high self-esteem and fewer bouts of the trucker blues. Give some attention to your health and get those endorphins going to keep you happy, and you drive America’s highways. Physical fitness is an excellent hobby for professional long-haul drivers. 

5. Learn a musical instrument.

Music soothes the soul and rejuvenates the heart. Listening to audio musical instruction as you are hauling a load can help you learn to play an instrument. Listen to the instruction and then picture in your mind how to implement your new desired musical skill. Using your time to understand the instrument and how to make beautiful music can be a fantastic hobby. Play your instrument during any downtime or unexpected wait time you may have. Practicing your instrument will pass the time away and can reduce the anxiousness of the wait. Take a few lessons while you are at home and get ready for the next haul.

The gift of playing a musical instrument keeps on giving. Not only can you find it therapeutic after you have mastered just a few songs. But the people around you will feel connected to you and your music. You could be the next Elvis. You don’t know until you try. Music is magical, and it is an excellent trucker’s hobby. 

It is a fact that driving mile after mile on American roadways can be financially rewarding. Keeping a rigorous schedule of driving with no mental break could make a person question if it is worth it. Why is this the case? Because all work and no play make for the mind and soul to run away. Yes, it is essential to keep our minds entertained to keep our souls energized to keep trucking for your family and America.

It is an excellent time to follow the example of long-time professional drivers that keep their heads in the game and their hearts happy with a hobby. It is a mentally healthy choice to have a hobby while being on the road for so many days of the month. 

It is time to incorporate some of these great hobbies in your trucking career. Keep your mind and soul happy while you are driving America’s highways. We need you to keep on trucking with energy and zest for life to keep America’s economy moving forward. Which hobby will you choose? Do not stop at one hobby. Just start with one. hopes that this article addresses Hobbies For American Truckers in great detail. Feel free to add your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

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