Jul 23, 2019
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5 Ways to Determine You are Working for the Right Company

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Trucking driving is a demanding job. Spending many hours on the road encountering new obstacles each day can be a bit overwhelming at times. It is essential to reduce some of the burdens by working for a company that provides the support you deserve and need. There are lots of trucking outfits looking for experienced and safe drivers to haul for them.

We are going to consider five factors to determine if your current company is the right trucking company for you. As you read this article, you will probably identify some challenges that you face in your current job. Are you ready? Let us get started.

1. Benefit Package

Spending so many hours on the road and away from home and your family can leave a person feeling unappreciated if they do not see direct benefits. Your benefits package, including health insurance and life insurance, should be affordable. You should also think that your employer is there to help and support you if you have a problem with a claim. Both the compensation and the company based support show how much your company appreciates the job you do for them every day.

2. Pay

Most companies offer about the same pay for distance, load type, and driver experience. While the paycheck is useful and appreciated, and you should be working for a company that pays the going rate for your type of load, truck, and experience. The willingness to support and assist you when they are discrepancies in the numbers or maybe the paperwork did not get turned in or processed just right. The company you work for should be supporting you by looking for solutions as problems come up and working as a team with you to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

3. Communication Style of the Company

Communication is vital in the trucking industry. The office personnel often need to relay changes in schedules, routes, loads, or delivery instructions to their drivers. Effective communication involves the following skills:

  • Being a Good Listener
  • Friendly Tone and Smile
  • Confidence
  • Willingness to be helpful
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Respect

Being a good listener is a two-way street, both the driver and the company need to listen to one another’s thought and do what they can to work as a team. A big smile and a friendly tone can do a lot to take away frustration as obstacle some up during the day. It is also essential for the company to handle issues in a kind and friendly manner for a smoother, quicker resolution.

Would you not agree that as problems come up if someone was just willing to help or be open-minded, you would be less frustrated? A companies willingness to be helpful, and open-minded is a plus. Companies that look for ways to help you while you are on the road is an essential factor in determining if the company you are working for is right for you.

Respect is an important quality to be displayed in the workplace. Companies and employees show mutual respect makes for a great team atmosphere. Drivers that feel respected and appreciated for their performance are essential. This is a good indicator if you are working for the right company.

4. Offer Ways to Give Feedback

Good companies welcome feedback. Companies learn how to improve their procedures and processes through feedback from their employees. Companies with an open-door policy for both negative and positive feedback are some of the best employers.

Especially in the trucking industry where there are constant changes that occur is it essential for the driver’s perspective on how things could have been made easier. The weather, road construction, road closures, accidents, route delays, the list of things that can change is endless. If a problem keeps happening over and over all involved should be able to give some input on how to handle the problem better next time. Does your current company provide an avenue that you can give them positive or negative feedback?

5. Awards and Recognition Certificates

Companies that have recognition programs for their drivers and other employees show their appreciation more tangibly. Giving recognition to a job well done, driver loyalty, safe driving practices, and other recognition programs trucking companies are essential. These programs help truck drivers feel appreciated then you want to keep-on trucking safely.

As you think about the company, you are working for, I am sure that you see many ways the company is falling short. There is no perfect company out there. The fact is that some companies are better than others. If the company that you are hauling for is causing you a lot of frustration and grief in your job, then that trucking outfit may not be right for you. It is time for a change to the right trucking company for you.

Do not waste your talent and experience on a trucking outfit that does not care or listen to its drivers. There are better places that will welcome your safe driving record and experience with open arms. They would love to have you as part of their team, and they will do everything in their power to treat you right.

Changing companies may seem unnecessary or too much hassle. The hassle of a change is just temporary until you get settled in again. The hassle of not driving for the right trucking outfit is with you until you make a change. So think about it and talk with your friends and fellow truck drivers. Driving for the right trucking company can make a huge difference in your job as you are hauling down the American roadways.

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