Feb 16, 2019
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Weather Apps: Making a Trucker’s Life Easier and Safer

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Weather App Choices

There are a couple of weather apps that are making truck driving safer. They are used to let the truck driver know the current conditions and future conditions further down the road. There are many miles traveled where it is in the drivers best interest to know what lies ahead. Many drivers are good at taking detours if necessary and weather can play a factor if the driver should stay the course or find an alternate route. The main thing is to get the truck, load, and driver to and from the destination safely. These are some of the weather apps which are the top choices in truck driving used to plan ahead and during the trip.

The Weather Channel App would probably be the most popular because it is free, and it works with iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. It covers current, hourly, 36 hours, all the way to the 10-day forecast. The Doppler Radar gives the driver an idea on the current conditions on the roads needed to travel throughout the United States. Your phone can also send out alerts for any hazardous weather conditions such as lightning, tornadoes warnings or watches, flood warning or watches, severe thunderstorm warnings or watches, and blizzards. You can also send out tweets, pictures, and videos to inform other drivers on the road of any hazards of which you may come in contact.

Intellicast HD Weather App

The Itellicast HD App is only available on Apple mobile phones and is free to use. has developed this app, and for anyone who is fascinated with the apps, then this is the app for you. Any information concerning earthquakes, storm or hurricane tracking, and the Doppler Radar is right at your fingertips. The Doppler Radar lets drivers know where storm cells are located and the direction the storms are headed. Installed on the app is the NOWrad HD radar which is the highest quality radar in the United States. Severe weather alerts can be set up for any weather events taking place such as; tornadoes, floods, severe storms, blizzards, fog, and any other weather conditions that may be affecting the area.

Storm Sheild Weather App

The Storm Shield App is available on the Android and iOS mobile devices and is also free to use. This App, like many others, gives the basics on the weather forecast. The purpose of the app is to provide drivers the current information on extreme weather patterns such as; tornadoes, passing storms, and hurricanes. Alerts notify you by push or voice notifications by using GPS tracking. It gives an up to date radar, and the weather map also stores information on any saved locations. The app itself is free, but there are options to add additional features which do cost extra.

Weather Underground Weather App

The Weather Underground App is free to use and is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. This app is different than the rest because it gathers information from over 40,000 weather stations. There is an option for truck drivers to post their encounters and share it with others to warn others of impending danger. A setting is available for weather alerts, and the features are available for the forecast by the hour, by the day, and the ten-day forecast. This app has won awards for being the most accurate and is well known and used by many truck drivers. Weather cameras are also available on the app to get a visual idea on what lies ahead. If you do not mind the ads, the app is free, but if you choose to remove the ads, there is a fee of $1.99 per year.

AccuWeather App

The AccuWeather App is compatible with all Windows, iOS, and Android mobile phones. It is also free to use. This app has a 15-day forecast and can be used with a calendar. It also has hourly, and daily forecast options are available. With GPS tracking, it even has the forecast by the minute for two hours. It has the same features to alert you for any severe weather such as; severe thunderstorms, snow, and tornadoes. The best choice for an app to get precise information on your exact location would be the AccuWeather App. A driver can choose to set alerts for other cities as long as it is saved in the device. If the ads are a bother, you can have them disabled for a low price of $3.99.

Upgrade From Old School

With today’s technology, weather apps can be a lifesaver. A long time ago, truck drivers had to rely solely on their senses, over the air radios, and CB radios. Today, the apps are truly making a difference in saving time and headaches. It can help the drivers get their load safely to its destination without delays.

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