Feb 16, 2019
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How To Improve Your Truck Driver Salary

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The Best Ways To Earn More Money As A Truck Driver

Many different factors are influencing the salary of a truck driver. This includes your knowledge, reputation, experience, and skill. There are excellent benefits including dental and health insurance for both you and your family. This is important if you are on the road for long periods of time. Seventy percent of all goods in the United States are transported using a truck. One of the most critical parts of the United States economy is trucking. This industry is responsible for $300 billion every year. This means you have become involved in an excellent career. The estimation is if trucking in the United States came to a halt for 21 days, the country would be at a standstill. The bottom line is truckers are necessary for the transportation of goods from one place to another. One thing all drivers have in common is they want to earn the highest possible salary. The tips listed below can help you do just that.

Increase Your Truck Driver Salary with  CDL Endorsements

After you have passed your CDL examination, you can increase your job opportunities and gain more experience by getting endorsements. When you add additional permissions, you will be able to drive specific trucks. These trucks are not covered by your CDL alone. This widens the types of goods you are allowed to transport. Your truck driver pay will also be impacted by your level of skill. This includes having a lot of knowledge regarding highway safety regulations for both your load and your vehicle. The more endorsements you have, the more options you have for better-paying loads.

Endorsements for double and triple trailers will enable you to get behind the wheel of multiple trailers. You are only able to drive a single trailer truck with your general CDL. Just think about how much your salary will be affected by getting this endorsement. You can drive trucks equipped with air brakes with an air brake endorsement. This is extremely important because you will be taught how to repair certain types of damage and check the air brakes on your truck. You will increase your safety while on the road with an air brake endorsement because you will know how to maintain your air brakes to ensure they remain in good condition.

A HAZMAT or hazardous materials endorsement enables you to transport hazardous materials. You will receive your HAZMAT certification as soon as you pass. This will increase your truck driver pay and create a lot more opportunities for jobs. You can transport liquid loads once you earn your tanker vehicle endorsement. You will be taught how to check for leaks, load and be prepared for everything relating to carrying this type of freight. You can drive between the states and pass state borders with an interstate CDL endorsement. You can increase your truck driver pay once these transportation limitations have been removed. It is important to note you must have a minimum of 21 years experience to qualify to take this test. The list of potential endorsements is enormous, and the ones mentioned above represent just a few on this list. Every one you earn will enable you to drive more loads with better pay to increase your salary.

A Key Part of a Truck Driver Salary Is The Experience Factor

You can increase your truck driver salary by gaining more experience. Experience is essential for any job in any field, but it can be critical for truck driving. As a driver, you need excellent knowledge in a wide variety of areas. Once you have enough experience, you can make a lot more money. This will require patience. Your first two years as a trucker are mainly about gaining field experience and learning. You may already be aware this is difficult and can become complicated. Once you reach the end of these years, the benefits will make up for what you went through. Every experienced truck driver was once in the same place you are now. They endured and gained a well-paying job and security. Drivers with five to eight years of experience earn as much as $70,000 every year in addition to bonuses, medical and dental. Rookies have to spend a lot of time on the road to reach this level. You need to use all of your efforts to obtain a higher salary.

The Benefits of IT Knowledge

You are living in a modern society where modern devices and computers regulate everything. You need to remain current and increase your knowledge. Many years ago, truckers had to track their daily tasks and obligations through logbooks. According to current FMCSA regulations, every single driver is now required to record their driving behavior using an electronic logbook. This new system is going to make sure your records are correctly archived, the possibility of losing paper sheets has been eliminated, and you will save precious time. You will also be able to concentrate on your driving as opposed to all the papers of the past.

Your Truck Driver Salary and Your Reputation

The main concerns of every trucking company are the safety company ranking and the safety regulations. When you establish a clean reputation as a truck driver, there will be more job opportunities. This means you can choose the companies offering larger salaries. Your representative for these companies is your driving reputation. This can be poor and cloudy or excellent and sunny. Ask yourself, if you owned a trucking company, would you want to hire yourself? You must take the view of the company into consideration when you transport a load. All of the trucking companies are trying to protect their reputations by only hiring drivers willing and able to protect the load they have been trusted with. This not only includes the actual transporting but the safety regulations as well.

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